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Cathédrale Sainte-Croix Orléans

Orleans and its heritage

The wealth of Orléans' heritage is made of its must-sees, its cathedral, its old town centre and the Loire. Enjoy your group stay in Orléans and discover its heritage treasures!

53€ per person

Based on 30 participants 

In the steps of Joan of Arc

Go back in time and follow in the steps of Joan of Arc for a whole day in a group!

40€ per person

Based on 30 participants 

Place du Martroi à Orléans
Cryptes d'Orléans, visites groupes d'Orléans

Medieval treasures

Explore the city's underground passages and discover the Saint-Aignan and Saint-Avit crypts, treasures built in the 11th century... Not forgetting the Porte Bannier, a vestige of Orléans' second medieval wall.

42€ per person

based on 30 participants

Right riverside, left riverside

 Discover the gateway to the Loire Valley, go back in time on the north bank of the river and escape with your group to the castle of Sully-sur-Loire, 45 minutes south of Orléans.  

From 50€ per person

Based on 30 participants 

Séjour en groupe à Orléans, visite en groupe d'Orléans

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